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Display Week & ISE Show Advances in Big TV Technology

We recently published a round-up of developments in the very large TV market (100″ class). Since then, we have been to two events. The SID Display Week in San Jose and the ISE event took place in Barcelona, so we thought it was worth an update. At this stage, such large displays are aimed at […]

Using a Phone to Calibrate an 8K TV

Samsung has released new software called Smart Calibration that allows ordinary consumers to calibrate their 4K or 8K TV in their own living room without a professional calibrator. The software offers various levels of calibration fidelity and can even be a time saver for professional calibrators. To better understand the process, we visited Samsung’s QA […]

8K to the Max – a Look at 100” Class TVs

One of the joys of 8K is that you can use huge displays yet still avoid that ‘dotty’ look or ‘pixelation’ where you can see the individual dots that make up the image. The author once was late into an early digital cinema demonstration and ended up in the front row. At that time, digital […]