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Why 8K Association Certified?

A certification program for 8K TVs:

The 8K Association has developed a certification program for 8K TVs. Consumers should look for this logo at retail and in their evaluation of 8K TVs.

But why develop such an 8K certification program? The answer is simple: to help provide confidence to consumers that an 8KA-certified TV will offer the level of performance for a premium 8K experience. While non-certified 8K TVs may offer compelling performance, Certified 8K TVs are guaranteed to meet a rigorous set of specifications that consumers should demand. This includes minimum specifications for visual performance as well as interfaces to ensure 8K signals can be properly displayed. However, many of these 8KA-Certified TVs actually exceed our demanding levels – offering even more value to consumers.

And we are not done yet. We will continue to evolve our specifications to raise the performance bar and require additional functionality. Our goal is to simplify the 8K TV buying process by suggesting that consumers first focus on evaluating 8KA-Certified TVs knowing that these TVs won’t disappoint.