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TCL Unveils Premium 2023 TV Models

Dealerscope reported that TCL has launched its premium 2023 TV models in the US including the C825, an 8K miniLED model with the latest backlight technology and the C825 QLED 8K which adds quantum dot color and Dolby Vision HDR support. TCL’s AI-PQ artificial intelligence algorithm optimizes picture quality in real-time. The 2023 TV models […]

No one can see 4k (or 8K), right?

That argument is older than most of you reading this. Summary: The introduction of HDTV in the US in 1998 faced slow adoption due to content availability and the need for a personal delivery system. 4K was introduced 15 years later with an infrastructure for content delivery already in place, but there were debates about […]

Sony Adds Two 8K Full Frame Sensors

DIY Photography reported that Sony’s component business has added two (44.72 MP and 61.17MP) full frame 8K sensors to its product list. The 44MP version is reported to have high-speed 8K capabilities with up to 61.25 fps in 12 bit mode available to readout. The sensors are not yet announced in any cameras. Although the […]

Canon R5 Cinema Camera is a Game Changer for Prosumers & 8K Creators

Canon’s R5 Cinema camera is a game changer. Andrey & Natalia Denisyuk, who are high end creators of demo and reference video content, have reviewed the camera and think its capabilities will really offer videographers the same level of creative opportunities as still photographers. You can check out the full, independent, review on the 8KAssociation […]

The State of 8K in 2023

Jason Durstal of Murideo, a specialist in technology to support A/V installers, interviewed Florian Friedrich, a specialist in content grading and display measurement and technology about the state of ‘8K in 2023’. The interview was published on YouTube. Friedrich highlighted that he has already been working in 8K for some years, having started with an […]

Value Electronics Chooses JVC 8K Projector in Shoot-out

Value Electronics is well known and recognized in the display community for hosting well-run shoot-outs on TVs and projectors to try to decide the best units available in the market from an image quality standpoint. In December, the firm held a shoot-out that looked at Ultra Short Throw (UST) and long throw projectors. In the […]

8K (Wide) MiniLED Monitors To Appear at CES 2023

In a recent announcement by AMD of its RX7900 series, Samsung teased us with the news of a new 8K wide monitor to be shown at CES 2023. (we’ve linked to the appropriate moment in the video here). The writer believes this will be a 32:9 49″ unit with a resolution of  7680 x 2160. […]