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Using an 8K TV as a macOS Computer Monitor

A journalist from AV site Fstoppers has been trying to use an 8K TV to show four windows from a Mac. Unfortunately, the only technical solution seems expensive, so if you know of an alternative let him (and us) know! Part of his frustration is the way that MacOS handles menus.

Onkyo Makes 8K Receiver Affordable

Onkyo launched its TX-SR3100 5.2 Channel AV receiver and Sound & Vision reports that it will list at just $399 in the US. As well as 8K60P passthrough, it will support 4K at 120Hz for gamers. The Onkyo TX-SR3100 incorporates Dolby Vision and HDR10+ technology and has a wide range of video (ALLM, VRR, QFT […]

Pure Fi Has Modular HDMI Concept Cable

A couple of years ago, the writer had to install a new cable in a wall. Finding an HDMI cable that would fit through the ducting needed for electrical safety regulations in the UK was a real challenge. So I was impressed when I saw a new modular concept cable from Pure Fi that was […]

8K ProRes Editing ‘Like Butter’

The website tested the new Fujifilm GFX100 II and one of its conclusions was that the output in Prores “… graded and edited like butter on a M1 Mac. Even the 8K footage”. That’s good news for those thinking of using the camera for 8K capture!

Hisense Debuts 8K Tri Laser TV Solution

Hisense showed its 8K Tri Laser TV at the recent IFA trade show in Berlin. The company is looking at starting to sell the TV in the US and Europe following the launch in China. Chris Chinnock of Insight Media saw the image quality from a 4K native chip with ‘wobbulation’ to create 8K and […]

Samsung is adding Auracast to its wireless earbuds and 8K TVs

Samsung said that it was bringing support for Auracast to its wireless earbuds and its 8K TVs. This reinforces the view held by, among others, the 8K Association, that brands often put their highest specifications and functions into their flagship TVs. Auracast has been described as “… a clever way of turning Bluetooth devices like […]