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Enjoying 8K At Home

So, What Exactly Do You Need to Experience Pure 8K TV?

To ensure your 8K experience is as intended, these are the core components you’ll need:

What If Your Content and/or Streaming Service Isn’t 8K?

That’s totally ok, really! However, keep in mind that you can certainly watch non-8K content on your 8K display—upscaled to 8K—and your content will certainly look better on an 8K display than it will on a UHD, FHD, or 4K display. But, for a true/pure 8K experience in which your 8K display is able deliver maximum immersive, cinematic results, then both the content and the streaming service will need to be 8K. Check out our FAQs for more information.

How Far From Your 8K Display Should You Sit?

Many often talk about the “right” viewing distance for TV watching. In fact, most consumers won’t move the living rooms around to match an ideal viewing distance – which often seems to be a lot closer than most consumers prefer. Recognizing this fact, we have boiled down a great deal of technical analysis on viewing distances into the simple charts below.

Experts recommend that your 8K TV take up about 45°—55° of your field of vision. The closer you sit to your TV, the more degrees of your field of vision is taken up by the screen. For the most ideal cinematic viewing experience, you should not be seated too close or too far from your display.

Recommended viewing distances are shown below. Find out what the ideal viewing distance and position from your 8K TV is by selecting your TV size:

View Distance (from screen to seating position)
View Distance (from screen to seating position)