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Finding 8K Content

8K TVs Deserve 8K Video Content

For the ultimate in home-entertainment immersion, nothing can beat native 8K content displayed on an 8K Association Certified 8K TV. Like premium-quality fuel for a high-performance sports car, true native 8K video content will power your home theater to deliver astounding entertainment experiences.

We admit, it’s not yet as simple as flipping to any TV channel to find beautiful 8K resolution content. But with just a little planning, there are lots of ways to deliver the sharpest 8K resolution video sources to your big-screen 8K TV.

Main Sources of 8K Content

From streaming services, video games and even videos that you can capture with your own 8K camera, there are endless ways to go full 8K at home. Read on to learn more.

8K Streaming

8K Streaming

Without doubt, streaming delivers the widest variety of 8K content available today. With global streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo and more unleashing 8K video streams, big-screen 8K TVs around the world can instantly enjoy the sharpest 8K videos streamed over high-speed network connections.

To ensure an 8K video stream is truly delivered in 8K resolution all the way from the content creator to the 8K screen, check with your TV make to ensure that the streaming service integrated in your TV is capable of decoding 8K resolution streams. If the integrated streaming service in your 8K TV isn’t up to receiving 8K streams, there are other options. A useful alternative for decoding 8K streaming services is with the help of a beefed-up desktop computer or powerful gaming laptop. (See FAQs for help with connection details). Check out these links for a collection of beautiful native 8K content that’s available to stream to your 8K television today:

8K Streams on YouTube

8K Association Entertainment Playlist

MEGOGO 8K Streaming for Eastern Europe (more info)

The Explorers 8K Streaming content for TCL and Samsung 8K TVs  (more info)

8K Video Gaming

8K Video Gaming:

Capturing the beauty of the natural world or delivering drama from a movie director’s film set are great ways to put the more than 33 million pixels of 8K resolution to work. But with 4 times the resolution of 4K video, video game fans are just as excited to see their favorite game titles displayed on big-screen 8K TVs. Powerful gaming PCs are plenty capable of playing the small but growing number of PC game titles with support for 8K resolution that are available today. But as of mid-2020, getting 8K gameplay out of a PC and onto an 8K display at the highest resolutions can be challenging. As more PCs begin to adopt the newer HDMI standards that are required in 8K Association Certified TVs, the delivery of 8K games to big-screen 8K TVs will become easier as new PC hardware is released. (See FAQs for help with connection details).

As powerful PCs evolve to more easily support 8K connectivity, another important evolution is underway in game consoles. The next-generation of game systems expected to launch later in 2020 includes the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, both of which will supply gaming fans with true native 8K resolution content, including support for an easy HDMI connection to 8K Association Certified TVs that will be capable of displaying the full resolution and picture quality available from 8K game consoles.

Check these links for the latest info from game console makers on the 2020 launch of 8K-ready game systems and 8K-capable games and services to be enabled on those platforms:

Xbox Series X
PlayStation 5

8K Personal Videos

8K Personal Videos

Quick, check your pocket. If you have one of the latest flagship mobile phones from several leading brands, you might already be an 8K content creator. Many of the top-performing mobile phones released in 2020 can already capture video up to 8K resolution. Having a mobile phone that can capture video memories with friends and family with exceptional 8K resolution clarity brings a powerful way to preserve and share amazingly detailed videos or photos.

8K resolution capability isn’t limited to phone cameras. There are growing numbers of mainstream video and digital still cameras available that can capture and output 8K resolution. So as you are planning to find true 8K content to power your 8K home theater viewing, don’t forget that it’s increasingly easy to create an 8K video on your own, either with a flagship phone camera or one of the latest dedicated cameras targeted at the home user.

8K Live TV & Sports

8K Live TV and Sports:

Streaming, video gaming and shooting your own 8K content are all great ways to enjoy the incredible performance of 8K resolution content. Of course, for TV owners, live television broadcasts are the most traditional and still among the most popular video sources. So what about live TV broadcasts in 8K – is it possible to enjoy live 8K broadcasts to any 8K TV?

Yes, there are live 8K television broadcasts available today, but the regions that have access to these broadcasts are limited for now. For example, the largest broadcaster in Japan, NHK, has a dedicated channel for 8K content that was first launched in 2018 and is now available to homes throughout Japan. With movies, TV shows and coverage of major sporting events, NHK’s BS8K channel is an excellent source of live 8K content for 8K TV owners in Japan. Major TV channel operators in other global regions have been experimenting with 8K content distribution, but as of mid-2020 the availability of live 8K signals outside Japan is still limited. Stay tuned for new announcements of major live sporting events coming in 8K and on the availability of other live 8K TV content to be distributed in other regions.

Upscaled Content

Upscaled Content

Videos that are natively created, edited and distributed to TVs in pure 8K resolution will always provide the best quality 8K viewing experience. But there will continue to be lots of video content produced and distributed in lower resolution formats in the years ahead. Just as nearly all big-screen TVs available for sale today offer 4K screen resolution, but not all video content available to those TVs is natively produced in 4K resolution, 8K TV owners will be watching lots of lower-resolution video content for years to come that will be upscaled by their 8K TV.

So although video content that is upscaled to 8K resolution can’t match the detail and quality found in “native” 8K video content, upscaled 8K content will continue to be one of the most important video sources of 8K content in the years ahead.

In the Advanced Upscaling section of this website, there is an excellent introduction to how 8K upscaling technology can intelligently deliver a picture quality experience that can exceed the quality of the original lower-resolution content.

Created in 8K:

Today, nearly every major streaming service and movie studio are shooting at least some of the latest TV episodes and feature films using video cameras with 8K resolution. While many of these recognizable shows and movies aren’t yet being made available to the public in their native 8K resolution, the producers recognize that 8K has already arrived. Not only does creating in 8K deliver a better quality image even when distributed in lower-resolution formats, but it also helps to future-proof a movie or TV show so that it could later be made available in a higher-resolution 8K version.

So, while these examples of popular movies and shows might not yet be available in 8K, the cameras used to film them were in 8K. Check back with your video service provider to see when or if these titles might become available in 8K resolution: