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Cables for 8K

We thought it was about time to summarize where we’re up to on cables for 8K display use. As some readers may want to know ‘what do I need to buy?’, we’ll cover that first and then dig into some options and special cases. Video Interface Cables There are two current output protocols from consumer […]

Thunderbolt 3 and 4 Compared

The development of the Thunderbolt interface has been intriguing. Historically, PCs have often had both high speed and low speed interfaces. In the past, interfaces including SCSI and P.1394 (FireWire) were used to connect higher bandwidth devices, while USB was the primary connection for lower speed devices. Thunderbolt was conceived by Intel as an alternative […]

VESA Clarifies DisplayPort 2.0 Cable Labelling

This week VESA, the PC-centric video and graphics standards organization, announced that it has a new certification program for devices (including video sources, displays and the cables that connect them) that support the DisplayPort UHBR (Ultra-high Bit Rate) feature that is part of DisplayPort Version 2.0. Why should you care if you are interested in […]

McIntosh MX180: A USD 30k Audiophile Flagship 8K AV receiver

Sound is critical to a premium video experience If you’ve recently upgraded to an 8K TV or intend to soon, you’ll probably want to bring the audio part of the experience to the highest level too. Indeed, even the most incredible video experience will be sub-par if your audio isn’t also great. Studies have even […]

Vivify Launches UHS HDMI 2.1 48G Cables: 8K Monitors Era Comes Closer

UHS HDMI cables for gamers are now here (Image credit: Vivify) Vivify has announced its first HDMI 2.1 cables that support a 48 Gbps bandwidth and may be used to connect 8K Ultra-HD televisions to PCs and next-generation consoles. Vivify is not a truly well-known brand for cables as it is mostly focused on cables for […]

Marantz 2020 SR-Series AV Receivers Support 8K, DTS:Pro and IMAX Enhanced

8K/60Hz HDMI pass-through and 8K upscaling onboard 2020 looks to be the year of 8K-ready AV amplifiers in the home cinema world, with Marantz the latest brand to launch 8K receivers. Marantz’s four-strong 2020 SR-Series comprises the 7-channel SR5015, the 9-channel SR6015 and SR7015, and the flagship 11-channel SR8015 (pictured, top) – all four of […]

Denon rolls out the first 8K-ready receivers with its 2020 X-Series

Even if you don’t need 8K, these receivers also have some key new gaming features. Richard Lawler While the debates rage on over whether or not anyone needs 8K, the new line of Denon receivers are ready for higher resolution video when and if you decide to make an upgrade. Perhaps more importantly, they also […]