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LG Z3 OLED TV review: extraordinary 8K pictures at a hefty price

By Bob Raikes

TechRadar reviewed the $10,000 77″ LG Z3 8K OLED TV and were blown away by the image quality. The set is a lot cheaper than it was, although still out of the reach of many.

We have previously written about the challenges of making 8K OLEDs on the 8K Association website. It’s not so much about the OLED layer itself, but about the difficulties in making the backplane, the ‘Active Matrix’ in an AMOLED or AMLCD. Backplanes for OLEDs are significantly more difficult to make than for LCDs and that’s one of the reasons that, for example, Samsung has not adopted 8K in its otherwise industry-leading QD-OLED technology and concentrated instead, in its TV division, on 8K LCDs.

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