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TCL Unveils Premium 2023 TV Models
Dealerscope reported that TCL has launched its premium 2023 TV models in the US including the C825, an 8K miniLED model with the latest backlight technology and the C825 QLED 8K which adds quantum dot color and Dolby Vision HDR support. TCL’s AI-PQ artificial intelligence algorithm optimizes picture quality in real-time. The 2023 TV models […]
Apple wants you to produce an 8K blockbuster with its $50 video app
Techradar and others reported that Apple is releasing its Final Cut Pro app for recent high end iPads. The app will allow editing of 8K ProRes video if you have an iPad Pro with the most recent M2 chip from Apple. The app will be available on a monthly ($4.99) or annual ($49) subscription from […]
Fujifilm X-H2 Offers Very Good Value for 8K 4:2:2 or RAW Capture
YouTube reviewer Dustin Abott looks at the Fujifilm X-H2 which can capture 4:2:2 Prores 8K at 30fps with 10 bits of color or 8K RAW with an external recorder. The camera is based on the APS-C specification and offers very good value, he believes. He also has a ‘deep dive’ review here.
When Only 8K is Good Enough
On our sister site for the 8K Association, we published an article about the capture of the NASA Artemis launch in 8K.
No one can see 4k (or 8K), right?
That argument is older than most of you reading this. Summary: The introduction of HDTV in the US in 1998 faced slow adoption due to content availability and the need for a personal delivery system. 4K was introduced 15 years later with an infrastructure for content delivery already in place, but there were debates about […]
Sony Adds Two 8K Full Frame Sensors
DIY Photography reported that Sony’s component business has added two (44.72 MP and 61.17MP) full frame 8K sensors to its product list. The 44MP version is reported to have high-speed 8K capabilities with up to 61.25 fps in 12 bit mode available to readout. The sensors are not yet announced in any cameras. Although the […]
Canon R5 Cinema Camera is a Game Changer for Prosumers & 8K Creators
Canon’s R5 Cinema camera is a game changer. Andrey & Natalia Denisyuk, who are high end creators of demo and reference video content, have reviewed the camera and think its capabilities will really offer videographers the same level of creative opportunities as still photographers. You can check out the full, independent, review on the 8KAssociation […]
The State of 8K in 2023
Jason Durstal of Murideo, a specialist in technology to support A/V installers, interviewed Florian Friedrich, a specialist in content grading and display measurement and technology about the state of ‘8K in 2023’. The interview was published on YouTube. Friedrich highlighted that he has already been working in 8K for some years, having started with an […]
Value Electronics Chooses JVC 8K Projector in Shoot-out
Value Electronics is well known and recognized in the display community for hosting well-run shoot-outs on TVs and projectors to try to decide the best units available in the market from an image quality standpoint. In December, the firm held a shoot-out that looked at Ultra Short Throw (UST) and long throw projectors. In the […]
8K (Wide) MiniLED Monitors To Appear at CES 2023
In a recent announcement by AMD of its RX7900 series, Samsung teased us with the news of a new 8K wide monitor to be shown at CES 2023. (we’ve linked to the appropriate moment in the video here). The writer believes this will be a 32:9 49″ unit with a resolution of  7680 x 2160. […]
USB4/DisplayPort/Thunderbolt Changes Boost 8K Support
There have been a number of announcements about changes to USB4 (to Version 2), DisplayPort to Version 2.1 and Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt 5 that are really going to help support for 8K in the future. These were announcements that are intended for equipment makers and it will take around a year or so for the […]
8K gaming display
Thanks to VRR, Your 8K TV May Be Your Best 4K 120 Gaming Display
Although 8K TVs are usually designed for watching video content, it turns out that they may actually be outstanding displays for playing games at “lower” resolutions, such as 4K, but with higher refresh rates, up to 120Hz. Traditionally, flat-panel TVs and monitors operated at fixed frame rates of 50Hz or 60Hz, depending on where in […]
Denon and Marantz Launch New 8K Receiver Ranges
Marantz and Denon have both released new receivers that support 8K. The AV 10 is the flagship for Marantz, which also has a new high-end Cinema line with four models, the 40, 50, 60, and 70. All have HDMI 2.1 with support for 8K and HDR, including Dolby Vision. Reflecting the change in technology to […]
Where to Find 8K Content
For a great viewing experience in any resolution, you need content, delivery and display. The industry has developed fantastic 8K displays, and there are many reasons for content creators to use 8K. However, at the moment, neither broadcasters (apart from in Japan) nor streaming providers have adopted 8K to provide the delivery. Traditionally, broadcasters controlled […]
Will Apple Join the 8K Video Party?
It’s incredible how smartphones, produced in enormous volumes, have led the way in so many technology areas. The sheer scale of the market (Counterpoint Research forecasts that, even with economic headwinds, 1.36 billion new handsets will be sold this year) means that the companies that make the components of which they are composed can invest […]
Display Week & ISE Show Advances in Big TV Technology
We recently published a round-up of developments in the very large TV market (100″ class). Since then, we have been to two events. The SID Display Week in San Jose and the ISE event took place in Barcelona, so we thought it was worth an update. At this stage, such large displays are aimed at […]
Using a Phone to Calibrate an 8K TV
Samsung has released new software called Smart Calibration that allows ordinary consumers to calibrate their 4K or 8K TV in their own living room without a professional calibrator. The software offers various levels of calibration fidelity and can even be a time saver for professional calibrators. To better understand the process, we visited Samsung’s QA […]
8K to the Max – a Look at 100” Class TVs
One of the joys of 8K is that you can use huge displays yet still avoid that ‘dotty’ look or ‘pixelation’ where you can see the individual dots that make up the image. The author once was late into an early digital cinema demonstration and ended up in the front row. At that time, digital […]
Cables for 8K
We thought it was about time to summarize where we’re up to on cables for 8K display use. As some readers may want to know ‘what do I need to buy?’, we’ll cover that first and then dig into some options and special cases. Video Interface Cables There are two current output protocols from consumer […]
Thunderbolt 3 and 4 Compared
The development of the Thunderbolt interface has been intriguing. Historically, PCs have often had both high speed and low speed interfaces. In the past, interfaces including SCSI and P.1394 (FireWire) were used to connect higher bandwidth devices, while USB was the primary connection for lower speed devices. Thunderbolt was conceived by Intel as an alternative […]
DisplayPort 2.0 for 8k display
VESA Clarifies DisplayPort 2.0 Cable Labelling
This week VESA, the PC-centric video and graphics standards organization, announced that it has a new certification program for devices (including video sources, displays and the cables that connect them) that support the DisplayPort UHBR (Ultra-high Bit Rate) feature that is part of DisplayPort Version 2.0. Why should you care if you are interested in […]
McIntoshMX180 8K AV receiver
McIntosh MX180: A USD 30k Audiophile Flagship 8K AV receiver
Sound is critical to a premium video experience If you’ve recently upgraded to an 8K TV or intend to soon, you’ll probably want to bring the audio part of the experience to the highest level too. Indeed, even the most incredible video experience will be sub-par if your audio isn’t also great. Studies have even […]
Vivify Launches UHS HDMI 2.1 48G Cables: 8K Monitors Era Comes Closer
UHS HDMI cables for gamers are now here (Image credit: Vivify) Vivify has announced its first HDMI 2.1 cables that support a 48 Gbps bandwidth and may be used to connect 8K Ultra-HD televisions to PCs and next-generation consoles. Vivify is not a truly well-known brand for cables as it is mostly focused on cables for […]
Nvidia’s new RTX 3090 is a $1,499 monster GPU designed for 8K gaming
Nvidia calls it a BFGPU By Tom Warren@tomwarren  Sep 1, 2020, 12:54pm EDT Nvidia might have just announced its RTX 3080 successor to the RTX 2080, but the company also had a surprise giant GPU ready: the RTX 3090. While the RTX 3080 will ship with 10GB of GDDR6X memory, the RTX 3090 ships with a huge 24GB of […]
Yamaha Unveils Two New 8K AV Receivers With A Host Of Advanced Features
These days the world of video and TV is moving at a fast pace. We now have access to a huge amount of diverse content with more special effects and groundbreaking sound. We can already enjoy high-res 4K content and soon more of us will be experiencing 8K images. To keep up with all these […]
Marantz 2020 SR-Series AV Receivers Support 8K, DTS:Pro and IMAX Enhanced
8K/60Hz HDMI pass-through and 8K upscaling onboard 2020 looks to be the year of 8K-ready AV amplifiers in the home cinema world, with Marantz the latest brand to launch 8K receivers. Marantz’s four-strong 2020 SR-Series comprises the 7-channel SR5015, the 9-channel SR6015 and SR7015, and the flagship 11-channel SR8015 (pictured, top) – all four of […]
Denon rolls out the first 8K-ready receivers with its 2020 X-Series
Even if you don’t need 8K, these receivers also have some key new gaming features. Richard Lawler While the debates rage on over whether or not anyone needs 8K, the new line of Denon receivers are ready for higher resolution video when and if you decide to make an upgrade. Perhaps more importantly, they also […]
How to ‘Sell 8K’ When There’s Little 8K Content
Be ready to embrace gamers, and ensure customers know improvements from HDMI 2.1 can benefit both 4K and 8K to help future-proof their media rooms. May 27, 2020  Phil Jones What I mean to say is: don’t sell just 8K. Yes, 8K is among the hottest buzzwords in the custom channel, but the reality is […]
YouTube Now Streaming 8K Video on 8K TVs with AV1 Support
May 8, 2020 Rasmus Larsen YouTube 8K on 8K TVs YouTube has flipped the switch on not only AV1 streaming for TVs but also 8K streaming via AV1. It means that you can now enjoy YouTube’s 8K videos on compatible 8K TVs. LG and Samsung’s 2020 8K models are the first TVs to support AV1 […]